How website hosting works : what is website hosting ?

Web hosting the all about making web pages or websites available to different users or in many cases to the public in general, it gives space for new content to appear on the web, without it, you would not possible to access the information you need on the web if it weren’t for websites being shared through web hosters.

How does website hosting work ?

Web hosting companies are the ones in charge of letting out the administrations to have web pages out in the open, after the website has been giving to the web hosting company it can be accessed by entering the web address in their program and will show up in the search engines, in other words the client will be connected to the server that your website is shared on, these web servers are basically computers whats job is to respond to the searchers request that they have entered and present to them what they are looking for on the internet.

To make it simpler you can picture a website hosted on a web server as files stored on a hard drive, it’s partially the same idea.

What to do to upload a website onto the server?

Creating a website is all about making it available to your clients, in order to do that follow these simple steps :

  • Buy a domain name
  • Buy a server space
  • Connect your domain to the web hoster
  • Upload your files to the website

Obviously you would have had to make a web page in advance by using a high end web builder or a a text editor once that’s done the steps mentioned above will get you exactly where you want to be, in reach of your clients and available for whenever they maybe need the information or accessibilities you’re giving out to the world.

For website to appear on the web it must go through a bunch of web hosters also known are a web server, on their own they’re just computers but when put together they can host web pages that can be seen all around the globe that is as long as the country allows whatever content that it carries, it can’t really be done by your typical pc or laptop as it needs to have a very powerful connecting to the internet and also needs a much higher specification sever so don’t try hosting from home.

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