Which programming language to learn : why learn how to program ?

Programming is so important in our day in age and is completing indispensable, even if you don’t want to become a programmer it definitely wouldn’t be a waste of time to learn as it is super interesting, fun to use and can expand your skills. On the other hand you could also learn in for professional reasons to make studying easier or to find a job in a specific industry, in any case you’ll find yourself having to pick one of the many languages which is why you have come to the right place.

How to pick a programming language ?

Since you’ve decided you want to start programming you’ll have to choose one of the many programming languages, to do so there are a few thing to go by :

  • Ask yourself why you’re interested in programming
  • What do you want to do with it in the future? Do you have any particular goals you would like to achieve?

Once you’ve figured out the answers to those questions it should be much simpler o be as each programming language is used in a different field for example if you’d like to work on projects that are mostly related to android then it would be a good idea to learn Java but if you’re more into iOS then Objective-C would be a better choice for you.

For engineering students people that are more interested in robotics, python or c++ would be amazing choices and would definitely give you a good head start in what you want to pursue.

Levels of programming languages

There are two different levels of programming languages, low-level programming languages are usually never close to the processor instructions and give the programmer more control over the machine but can be very complex such as C++, on the other hand high-level programming languages are simpler but need a compiler to interpret the instructions so the machine can understand what to do such as Java for example. These two categories are to be taking into consideration when picking a language as they can help facilitate the choice.

Otherwise if all you’re looking for is the easiest programming language you could go by then a few of the main recommendations would be JavaScript, Java, Python or Ruby as they have been said to be the least complicated and the easiest to learn so if you’d like a softer introduction into programming then they would for sure be one of the best choices to pick.

In the end it all depends on that you later and to do with programming and what your goals for the future are, just pick the language that suits you the most.

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