Which programming language to choose : how to choose the right programming language ?

One of the most common problem new developers are facing is choosing the right programming language to work on. But, since coding became very easy to learn, whatever and wherever you go you can learn to code, from your sofa or even outdoors, in the bus or train. That is why, there are a lot of opportunities out there in the programming world.

How to Choose the Right Programming Language ?

Language programming has always enhanced computer performance, and the developer syntax and semantics to control the computer behavior . Yet, when selecting a program language that will strengthen the career path, developers and professionals often look for these four concepts :

  • Decent income
  • Popularity, variety of jobs
  • Chance to become more demanded in the future
  • Preferably easy to learn and work with

Many languages offer flexibility in terms of their syntax and semantics. To be able to work in almost all majors fields of programming, you should at least have a valuable degree, and have a wide linguistic knowledge of some languages, by that time, you can create games, and even build embedded systems.

Which are the best programming language ?

The choice of programming language depends mainly on the intentions of the user, because there are many sub-fields of programming language and it is quite general. For instance, if the developer is interested in career possibilities, he should choose JavaScript or PHP and certainly be ready for a career in web development, and if money interests him the most, it would be preferable for him to study Ruby, Matlab, or Python, these three programs are the highest average salaries of the top ten languages. So, when studying PHP, he should expect a lower salary.

Indeed, JavaScript remains the most popular official language according to many reviews, it is the prominent language of the web, and it keeps developing into becoming more widespread and helpful. However, other programming languages existing in the market change with complexity, behavior, feature , syntax, but they always keep the same core.

However, the developer should be precise, set his goals before deciding to choose the programming language. It may be chosen for the sake of education , career anything. It is somehow developed into three parts:

  • FORTRAN : which is mainly used for engineering and scientific applications
  • COBOL: used to manipulate a great amount of data( business software)
  • Pascal : it is only dedicated for the teaching of structured programming.

Learning the first programming language is quite difficult for beginners to understand the syntax, its meaning, to tackle the errors, but later on it will be easier when learning another language. Mostly, syntax, feature and differences should be taken into consideration.

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