Can Excel be used as a database : what is Excel ?

Microsoft Office has many different software programs, one of which is Microsoft Excel, its used to organize data into lines and columns otherwise known as spreadsheets, they make everything much neater and can help you find exactly what you want in just seconds especially if you know the address of the data you’re looking for.

Is Microsoft Excel a database ?

Even though it can be quite confusing because spreadsheets and databases are so similar, the experts would say Excel isn’t a real database mainly for the following reasons :

  • Databases can shared more easily and can compare between the different data it carries.
  • You can’t display complex data on just a spreadsheet so a real database is needed
  • It get hard to read spreadsheets when there are various fields

How can Excel be used as a database ?

Even so, Excel can be used as a database because it can store data is an organized fashion and the data can be extracted easily at any time which makes it excellent for people that aren’t as professional in the field Excel has three main spreadsheet databases:

  • Simple tables
  • Excel tables
  • Pivot tables

They are all simple to set up and use so it’s no hassle at all using Excel for your work and and give you efficient results which is all that really matters. To get started first of all you need to enter your data and create a table in Excel, don’t leave any empty cells or incorrect impromation which could cause data errors, make use everything is correct so you end up with the right result. There are special database tools that you can use to help you sort and filter data and even some ready made fonctions you can use whenever they’re needed.

You can also modify your data however you want whenever you what.It would be good for beginners to try discovering all the tools they could use to help them with their Excel databases.

Using Excel as a databases isn’t the most professional way to go about things but is definitely recommended for anyone do doesn’t care as much for the specifics. It’s easy to make and easy to anyone to ready and use so it’s an important mean of storing data for your average person.

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